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A bit of Argentina in downtown San Miguel...

- A conversation with Mariano Álvarez, Chef & owner of Buenos Aires Bistro.


















The "What's"


What is the secret behind your business' success?  I think that what sets us apart from others is the consistency of the quality of our dishes as well as the service.


What is extra special that 'people' might not know?  The concept is to bring a bit of Buenos Aires as I remember it to San Miguel de Allende, and each of the dishes on the menu is a favorite of mine and it reminds me of Buenos Aires - if it does not fascinate me, it does not appear on our menu.


What is your other favorite business in SMA?  A restaurant that I enjoy a lot is Turk on the exit to Celaya.


The “Why's”

Why do you love this business?  I love this line of work because it is an opportunity to share happiness through food and generate unique memories.


Why do you keep on doing it?  There is always a greater and bigger challenge to achieve, also, for the creativity and adrenaline.


Why San Miguel de Allende?  I came by chance for a couple of months and I ended up staying - I always say that San Miguel de Allende chose me.



The “When's

Is there a special event coming up?  We will be at the MAG festival, at Juarez Park from July 13 to 15 and the Oktoberfest on October 6.


Is there a good time to visit your business / service?  When you feel like eating a delicious steak, a rich pasta or a fine wine - or all three of them!

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