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Mi casa es su casa, with Agave Sotheby's

- Excellence in local service with a world renowned brand.


















The "What's"


What is the secret behind your business' success?  The Sotheby's brand supports us, but above all, we have a great team with a solid ethical base and commitment to customer service.


What is extra special that 'people' might not know?  All our agents have a national license.


What is your other favorite business in SMA?  Definitely, you can not miss La Aurora, the Allende Institute, and Bellas Artes.


The “Why's”

Why do you love this business?  Because every day it gives us the opportunity to meet different clients, and help them to fulfill their dreams.


Why do you keep on doing it?  It is my passion, I love working in Real Estate and fulfilling the wishes of our clients.


Why San Miguel de Allende?   We made a couple of trips from San Francisco, California to Guanajuato, and we saw a couple of adverts about San Miguel de Allende, we looked at some photos online and we liked them, so we came to visit - and we ended up living here. It was a total discovery.


The “When's

Is there a special event coming up?   We don’t have anything specific planned, but we do sponsor several cultural festivals and events through the summer and autumn seasons.


Is there a good time to visit your business / service?  We are available at the traditional office hours, but the truth is that we are at your service at all times.

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