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Working from raw metal to create extraordinary designs, T&J honors a tradition of craftsmanship and love for their trade.

















T&J Jewelry brought to San Miguel a longstanding tradition of artisanal jewel making. It is easy to feel their love for jewellery making and design when you enter their store on Sollano, surrounded by the shimmer and sparkle of silver, gold and semiprecious stones and the creative spirit behind every piece. The designs are exquisite and innovative, the detail and dexterity inherent in each ring, bracelet or necklace are notable.

At T&J Jewelry, each client is special: they give the best service and attention to all the visitors that cross their door, so people leave satisfied and return either for an item that caught their eye or to create a custom piece. If a client is looking for a special design, they work together to land any idea, thought or concept that the client has and then, they bring it to reality exactly to the clients' taste; either in gold or silver, with precious and semiprecious stones. With 15 years in this business, seeing a piece of jewelry that they imagined and then seeing it finished and worn by a client, is still something very exciting and satisfying.


In the words of Jazmín Carreón, owner: "Jewelry is a very versatile business, which allows you to learn constantly, whether about new techniques of making jewelry or about stones, among other things. The important thing is to innovate constantly, to manufacture different and versatile jewelry, that make each client feel special”.


When you walk by, be sure to come in and check their remarkable collection of Fire Opal, 925 silver and 14kt gold, and their lovely bracelets in amethyst and 925 silver. They are quite unique, bold and expressive. 


Established almost 7 years ago in San Miguel de Allende, as they say, “The heart of Mexico”, the intense tourism activity - both national and international - has been essential for their business growth and permanence. Coming October, they will be celebrating 7 years in San Miguel de Allende, and, yes, keep an eye out for their excellent promotions!

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