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‘Smart’ moniker rings true with this San Miguel Real Estate company

















For the second consecutive year, Coldwell Banker SMART has been recognized as the best Coldwell Banker office in Mexico. “Our professional team always puts the needs of our clients first,” said Engineer Daniel Ortiz, Director of this successful real estate company. Coldwell Banker has approximately 3,000 offices in 49 countries, which Daniel noted gives their clients the advantage of an international base of potential buyers attracted to San Miguel de Allende.


“We love the clients we work for. It’s that very special kind of person who decides to make owning real estate in San Miguel de Allende part of their lifestyle that attracted all of us to this company and inspires our teamwork for them in the first place,” Daniel commented. “In fact, many of our clients become close friends during the buying or selling process and I know we positively impact each others’ lives.”


“Our agents are well-aware that San Miguel is a unique small city and has a beautiful country-side that cannot be duplicated anywhere,” continued Daniel.  “Of course the attention the city continues to receive with awards such as the recent one by Travel & Leisure magazine: ‘San Miguel de Allende: The World’s Best City, 2018’, is the future of San Miguel but it is also its history. By this, I mean that it is the bi-cultural aspect of the city, its protected historic architecture, cultural festivals, social activities and its important history that make it what it is today.  Every real estate purchaser through our office knows this and we help them to find their place in San Miguel’s future, based on its wonderful present and historic past. That means that we know the value of every square inch of San Miguel as part of our process in getting clients the real estate of their dreams.”


Daniel says their ‘Ultra Premium Agency’ process is clear from the first contact that clients have with their eighteen-person office. And the moniker SMART? It stands for San Miguel de Allende Real Estate Team. As Daniel concludes, “Team describes our approach to customer satisfaction and has led to many awards and much recognition, such as our being recognized as the best Coldwell Banker office in Mexico. Come and meet our team who love this city and use all the tools at our disposal to offer our customers an integral service without ever neglecting the warmth and confidence that are essential in the trust of a real estate transaction.”

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