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It’s all about the love of life, San Miguel and México at Galería Izamal

















Galería Izamal, the first co-op gallery in San Miguel de Allende was opened 26 years ago by Britt Zaist, Henry Vermillion and five other painters. Today, it is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the Bajío area, offering high-quality art at reasonable prices, directly from the artists. Henry is a Texan gentleman and multi-faceted story-teller in paintings. One of his works was used for the prestigious Chamber Music Festival – “What story that painting told!”, said Camie Fenton, director of the Festival that year. But he wouldn’t be Henry Vermillion without Britt; his business partner and wife. Trained in art in her native New York, she captures dogs, bulls, cats and “life” with  line gesture drawings coming swiftly off the end of an Indian ink dispenser. The essence of her designs reflects a technique and a talent that has evolved and developed over the years - you will find  images that suggest more than they describe: Britt lines give you the first clues and you have to finish the image by filling the details. These drawings are all “famous characters” now and can be bought as drawings or adorning hats, t-shirts and greeting cards. 


It’s all about the love of life, San Miguel and México at Galería Izamal - where artists band together to bring a wide selection of style, sensitivity, and talent to the art and jewelry appreciator – that could be you. The sales at Izamal are artist-direct, so the prices will be affordable for your beginning or growing collection. As Britt Zaist says, “It’s about personality and passion so that is why it’s so good to meet the artist you can buy from”.  It is quite remarkable to keep any business, let alone a gallery, open for over 25 years - and had its ups and downs, rough times and conflict between strong personalities often used to working on their own - but Britt and Henry have been able to navigate and learn, choosing artists that can work together as well as keep a  high standard of the artistic level. 


Founder Britt’s ink stopper work awaits you, with a bit of calligraphy feel, and Henry Vermillion’s bright works bring a smile or nod of recognition to the scenes he brings to life. Their favorite local charity is the Sociedad Protectora de Animales (SPA) – for dogs and cats: . As Britt says, “Often people think we're ‘going to the dogs’ – no  -  we went to jail for the dogs one time over the love of this charity.” 


Artists have viewpoints and stories to share all mediums  - stop in and get acquainted at their vibrant Centro location on lower Mesones, now a ‘swanky’ shopping street. Mark your calendar! on November 17, Galería Izamal will celebrate its 26th anniversary with a musical champagne opening, offering 20% discounts. For openings and to learn more about each artist involved visit or follow them on Facebook at

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