Classy resort fashion that feels fresh.

















Walking down Sollano street on your way to the Jardín you can find a little - and unique - treasure of a shop: A boutique with a curated line of resort fashion so beautiful and singular you will want to wear them all the time! With colorful bathing suits, soft tunics and blouses, handmade shoes and handbags, you will feel transported to the beach as soon as you start browsing - all you need is a piña colada! Agua D’ Coco has been an essential stop for the fashion connoisseurs who want a stylish look while appearing fresh and comfortable.


Marcia Leivas, owner, has a background in fashion, or to be more correct “all my life is fashion. My work, my background has always been surrounded by fashion, I have grown involved with it and I love it.” And is easy to feel this passion and love for her trade once you are in the store. From the way the clothes are displayed on the mannequins to the minimalist decor and the carefully chosen pieces, there is a great sense of style and purpose. Marcia worked for over 15 years in shops in New York City and other cities, but her eye for style and great taste comes from a closer source “My grandmother was always so elegant and fashionable, I think I got it from her”. 


Behind the success of Agua D’ Coco is a perfectionist attitude toward her job - the shop is always pristine and every detail is cared for; she is also attentive and service-oriented: clients can get a bathing suit or a handbag but also leave with recommendations for places to visit, where to eat, reservations for lunch or directions to other shopping spots she likes: “I love visiting Talula de la Lune, Mixta or Tao - those are great shops and have exciting design items”. You can say the same about Agua D’ Coco


Marcia arrived in San Miguel, as so many do, to visit a friend, and three years later she had already moved here. She fell in love with the city and we fell in love with Agua D’ Coco! Visit them at Sollano 31 - whether you are planning to hit the beach or not, at least you will be well attired for the hot weather heading our way.