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Taking the best of different design elements to create new and unique combinations – Ecléctica’s motto.

















Ecléctica offers a collage of furniture, carpets, paintings and different objects from multiple sources, mainly European of the 18th and 19th centuries. 


Their success lies in the uniqueness of each piece they sell, whether they are European antiques of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, or contemporary items that could hardly be found elsewhere. All bring character and history with them - and catching the eye of a buyer that can appreciate the mix


Chencho, the owner, tells us more about Ecléctica’s origin: “Since my childhood, I grew up in refined environments, always surrounded by objects similar to those sold in Eclectica nowadays. My parents were great travelers and collectors of both art and antiques. For further influence, I spent time studying abroad in the United Kingdom, France, and Spain where I completed university studies. That experience brought me closer to the sensitivity of objects in European museums and art galleries.”


“None of the pieces I sell is necessary for life, so every visit from a client is a sociological experiment because my clients ‘fall in love’ with a specific object, a piece that ‘speaks to them’ and from which I can always inform them of its origin, antiquity, and history.”


In Chencho's view, San Miguel de Allende is a great shopping plaza for luxury sales in general. As an example, he enjoys visiting shops like TAO Studio in Sollano Street. “For me, TAO is one of the great businesses in San Miguel.”  He also explained he believes the high purchasing power of large numbers of visitors partly guarantees commercial success; on the other hand, it is difficult to find places like San Miguel in which the concentration and proximity of the establishments that sell high-end items makes them visible to tourists and visitors, even if they are not looking to buy anything. As he mentions, “The fact that a visit to the Centro area is almost necessarily done by walking also influences the success of the businesses operating in this area and especially those located in Aldama street, due to the almost obligatory passage from guests of hotels such as Matilda or Rosewood.”


Visit them, “Whenever you have time to reward your eyes with a beautiful piece of art and learn information about it that is adjusted to reality and the ‘why’ of its value and, therefore, its price. Almost all of our pieces have guaranteed resale value.”


Do not miss Ecléctica next time you walk down Aldama, stop in and allow yourself to discover beauty and history on this singular collection. You won’t regret it.

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