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Walk 8

Visit Fábrica La Aurora Art & Design Center housed in a repurposed textile factory, and the Guadalupe neighborhood for  an organic store, restaurants and shops.

Be sure to check out these points of interest on Walk 1, noted by number on the map, (not  physical address) as they are found along this Walk.

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 14.57.17.png


1 Fábrica La Aurora Art & Design Center

2 Carral Espacio

3 Calderoni Studio / Gallery

4 Galería Beatríz Castañeda

5 Galería San Francisco

6 Fevi Yabatu Alfombras

7 Casa Michoacana

9 La Colección Casa Michoacana

10 El Pato Art Supplies

11 Kenny's Place

12 Neopolitan Pizza

13 Lena Bartula La Huipilista

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